Saturday 14th - SECOND VIDEO!

Tuesday 10th - FIRST VIDEO!

Friday 30th - tumblr !!!

I know I've been bad at updating my blog, but I had a lot of tests and other things in school. And if I blog now, it won't be good at all. But all I want to say for now is that I've got TUMBLR.

If you want to follow me, well here's the URL:


And maybe I'll be uploading and reblogging more stuff there than here, but okay, I will be better on blog- updating, I swear. On Sunday I promise I will put up something for you!


some die young - laleh

bad update

sry for being so bad at updating my blog. haha, I've been sick for two weeks now. And the photo-thiny went to hell, sry :') But hopefully I'll be back on track soon! ;D

3rd day of Photo-A-Day-challenge

I fucking adore this lovely girl, you have no idea.

photo by: me

2nd day of Photo-A-Day-challenge

*a sandwich (without butter) with ham
*Cheerios with milk

This was my breakfast this morning. What do you all eat for breakfast?

7th Mars - Mä Mä Mä Mange

a little bit of info...

The 2nd day of the Photo-A-Day-challenge was to take a pic of my breakfast, but to be honest, I didn't ate a breakfast at all this morning... But I'm going to take that tomorrow, 'cause I'm free from school tomorrow, so I can just chill untill I wake up and just make a frikking nice breakfast. Ah. I want that breakfast now...

1st day of Photo-A-Day-challenge

I share that for you...

5th Mars - WHYYY

Why do I suck at updating my blog? Who knows...

Well, to keep this up again I've decided to make a Photo-A-Day challenge! Ans this one will be under the cathegory "Photos"!

28th February - PEWDIEPIE!


25th February - My sense of humor, haha!

I really want to see if you're having the same humor as I have. And I found some really fun videos made by some Swede's. But the thing is that the videos is on Swedish, BUT there is English subtitlessssss!
All you need to do if the subtitles isn't on when you start the video. Press the CC button under the video!



22nd/23rd February - TWO NEWBORN KIDS

(22nd February 2012) Yesterday I was in Örebro in Sweden and met my friend Theo. When I was on my way home my dad called me and said: "We're going in to the hospital now. Anna is about to give birth to our child." And yeah, I was really happy about it and on the train on my way home my dad called again and said that I've got a brother, named Moltas! They're about to come home here to me soon so I can meet him. :')

(23rd February 2012) And tonight around 4 o'clock in the morning. The Swedish Crownprincess Victoria and Prince Daniel gave birth to their heir apparent. They got a little princess tonight! I'm so happy for them and also a proud Swedish person who is very proud of the Swedish Royal family. :')

I love babies (sometimes) and I really want my brother home now and I wish the Royal family many lucky wishes for Victoria, Daniel and their little princess.

"This is my littlesister."

photo: me | model: Saga | ©