22nd/23rd February - TWO NEWBORN KIDS

(22nd February 2012) Yesterday I was in Örebro in Sweden and met my friend Theo. When I was on my way home my dad called me and said: "We're going in to the hospital now. Anna is about to give birth to our child." And yeah, I was really happy about it and on the train on my way home my dad called again and said that I've got a brother, named Moltas! They're about to come home here to me soon so I can meet him. :')

(23rd February 2012) And tonight around 4 o'clock in the morning. The Swedish Crownprincess Victoria and Prince Daniel gave birth to their heir apparent. They got a little princess tonight! I'm so happy for them and also a proud Swedish person who is very proud of the Swedish Royal family. :')

I love babies (sometimes) and I really want my brother home now and I wish the Royal family many lucky wishes for Victoria, Daniel and their little princess.


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