Friday 30th - tumblr !!!

I know I've been bad at updating my blog, but I had a lot of tests and other things in school. And if I blog now, it won't be good at all. But all I want to say for now is that I've got TUMBLR.

If you want to follow me, well here's the URL:


And maybe I'll be uploading and reblogging more stuff there than here, but okay, I will be better on blog- updating, I swear. On Sunday I promise I will put up something for you!


7th Mars - Mä Mä Mä Mange

5th Mars - WHYYY

Why do I suck at updating my blog? Who knows...

Well, to keep this up again I've decided to make a Photo-A-Day challenge! Ans this one will be under the cathegory "Photos"!

28th February - PEWDIEPIE!


25th February - My sense of humor, haha!

I really want to see if you're having the same humor as I have. And I found some really fun videos made by some Swede's. But the thing is that the videos is on Swedish, BUT there is English subtitlessssss!
All you need to do if the subtitles isn't on when you start the video. Press the CC button under the video!



22nd/23rd February - TWO NEWBORN KIDS

(22nd February 2012) Yesterday I was in Örebro in Sweden and met my friend Theo. When I was on my way home my dad called me and said: "We're going in to the hospital now. Anna is about to give birth to our child." And yeah, I was really happy about it and on the train on my way home my dad called again and said that I've got a brother, named Moltas! They're about to come home here to me soon so I can meet him. :')

(23rd February 2012) And tonight around 4 o'clock in the morning. The Swedish Crownprincess Victoria and Prince Daniel gave birth to their heir apparent. They got a little princess tonight! I'm so happy for them and also a proud Swedish person who is very proud of the Swedish Royal family. :')

I love babies (sometimes) and I really want my brother home now and I wish the Royal family many lucky wishes for Victoria, Daniel and their little princess.

Sunday 19th - Photoshoot!!!

Today I was at a studio. And for once it wasn't me that was behind the camera. I was the model. I find it very fun, but I imagine myself more goodlooking than the pictures show. But this photographer was amazing. She thought of eveything and she had a special energy that I've never seen before. She told me that she was stressed, but I really didn't find her stressed at all.

Before it was my time to shine (haha) I got a male make-up-artist who styled my face. And he was so nice to me! We talked and I swear I've never got a make-up which wasn't that good as he made it! Thanks a lot!

Well. I'd love to show you a couple of pictures, but my mother have all pictures on a CD. I'm sure she'll put up them on facebook. So. I can copy them and show here later.

I'll put up something for you tonight. And maybe the video is soon ready! Pay attention!

Friday 17th - sick of whores!!!

Seriously I'm so tired of all whores in this little shitty town that I'm coming from.
I was at the Superlivs (You still use that word, don't you?) a couple of hours ago. And I met like... 6 persons I hate. Damn, I'm living in a small town. I want to moveeeeeee!

Weeeeell. :-) We're going to talk nice stuff today aren't we?
First of all I wanted to say thank you for all viewes on the blog and the flagcounter is still running up. Thanks! And I also wanted to say that I made a new design for the blog yesterday and got done today. So what do you think? I'll appreciate a comment or two. :-) You're good at reading my blog, not that good at comment. Com'on. Give me a question, I promise I'll answer in a new post, just for you. :D

Second of all I wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my dear friend Iris who is celebrating her 18th birthday today! Much love to you! xxx

I think that's all for today, I promise I'll try to put up something more interesting for you!
I'm ending with this:

Wednesday 15th - happy bday Jeffa!

Today is Jeffa's 16th birthday! So happy birthday my dear friend :') xo

Well, tomorrow I haven't blogged for a week. So today I'm doin' it. And the reason that I haven't been uploding anything for you is that I have a lot of things to do in school, I'm sick and is to tired of doing abything and that I'm working for a new design to the blog.
I'm downloading some types for the computer and while I wait I listen to my partylist and twitter. So, yeah, for now:
If you want to talk to me... Say it on twitter :3


see you later :D

Thursday 9th - exam-week ended!

Today was the last exam of this week! Actually I think it was easier than I thought. So now, after having a few guests over for dinner fo celebrate my birthday which was for a month ago, I'm checking busses, study English, doind Meme-papers for school (which I can show you later) and listening to my partylist!

You'll see, next Friday, me and some of my friends in my class is going to have a party for the 5th and 6th graders. (Swedish Primary School) And I'm going to be the DJ. So I and my friend JP did some awesome posters for the invatation to the party. You wanna see?

(*le take photos. le put photos on computer. le put photos on blog.*)

well, I'm going to continue to do what I was doing. see ya all tomorrow. xxx

Sunday 5th - I'M PUMPED!

Yeeea! Just watched a livestrem from PEWDIEPIE. Seriously guys why haven't you watch Pewdiepie before? Well, some of you may have, and then I have to say: I'm proud of you being a true Bro!
But if you don't know who Pewdiepie is, I'm going to tell you.
Pewdiepie is a guy named Felix from Sweden who plays scary games just for having fun, getting heartattacks and scream as a little girl! That's the short description!
He plays Amesia, Ai oni, Prenumbra, Facade, Ju On The Grude, Calling, Afraid of Monsters, Nosferatu ect.
And here's a clip of his top scary and funny moments here:

And now, he's been nominated to King Of Web. And the winner of all nominateds get $ 7,500!!!
And Pewdipie - who is at second place right now - will give all the money to chairty! He will give all the money to WWF, to help animals around the world! For example, the tigers is dying more and more. Just saying!
And in this competition you can watch his video there he talks about the comepition and voting, and of course everyone can vote. And he's not far from getting to first place, so i suggest you guys to go on and VOTE!
KING OF WEB LINK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And here's the video

Saturday 4th - Melodifestivalen (Sweden's music-take-out to Eurovision Song Contest)

Hello everybody!
Today starts the Music contest in Sweden. Here we call it Melodifestivalen. So tonight there is the first part of the whole final competition. This competition have many parts and the final decides who wins everything gets a place for Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest. And I'm really excited for Dead by April's song! I think they called it "Mystery". Also I'm excited for The Moniker and Sean Banan actually. I'll link one song from them under this for you. And yeah, If you want to follow the competition even though you're not living in Sweden - you can follow my twitter @itsEveliners!

And I really suggest you to listen to these tracks down here. I'd love to get some comments about who you like the most!

Losing You - Dead by April

Oh My God - The Moniker

Skaka Rumpa - Sean Banan


Tuesday 31st - jag saknar dig (I miss you)

I'm watching the Swedish movie Jag saknar dig (what means I miss You in Swedish) and I have to say that the movie was better than I expected it to be, but hm, it isn't that good. I've seen better. But if you want a movie about love between two twinsisters and a lot of sorrow.
These two twinsisters is different and love eachother more than anything. But when one of them dies, the other one needs to go throught her life by herself...

I watch it now, and now I'm crying, so if you can get the movie with English subtitles. Watch it!

If you can't find it, watch it on Swedish, I'm sure you can understand the feeling and everything.
I find Swedish pretty beautiful though.

Monday 30th - all I wanted, and had, disappeared

That's it. I'm very sad right now.
This is a shitty thing, but I've been more and more sensitive in the later days. So when I cry, I can't stop, and I most often pass out or just gone sleeping in a weird way. I don't want to be like this. I wished I could be more fun to read about right now. But I really don't feel about that. Maybe I'll try to make something fun for you, but even that is hard. 'Cause our computer is broken and I have to blog on my sister's. And mostly she use her computer by herself. So...

I hope you all feel great. xxx

since when did you... to me?
Well, now I just made a new icon in the meny! Contact me directly and get answer very fast on:

That was my commercial, here comes my post!


oh, shit, I love meme's. hahahahahahhahaha!

I think I'll talk to my friend Elin (@ElINPelINFIVER on twitter) 'bout starting the Youtube Channel, so maybe, I'll record something for you guys tomorrow! If I am, you probably won't miss me. Hehe...


g'night'ya'all! xxx

Thursday 26th - 2nd world war lecture!

Today have been a kinda diffrent schoolday, but the only thing who is kinda intrestering is that I've been on a lecture, and listend to a man, named Emerich Roth from Hungary, who - in the Second World War - sat in a concentration camp and survived. I really thinks he's a hero for the future, he can tell the truth and spread this so it won't happen again! It was very interesting. Even though the lecture was way to long.

As I mentioned (I think) I'm making a video right now. I (think I) said that I would put up some pictures for you, but I donno if the people on the pictures want me to do that, so all I can give you is this:


Tuesday 24th - stress, stress and making vids'!

Yes, as the title says; I've been stressed lately.
My money ran out of the phone and I haven't got any money until now, so, yes, I'm back on twitter! @itsEveliners, but you guys already knew that! Haha, of course!
Well, forget about yesterday and yeah, TODAY I've been to school for a long time. I just wanted to go home, I don't know why. I just wanted to. But I didn't! So after that I went down to the supermarket and bought some biscuits and marshmallows with my friend Tomas! We went home to me and drank hot chocolate and ate nougat biscuits. It was very nice, and at the same town he showed his giant building on Minecraft. I'm impressed even tough I don't like Minecraft that much.
When he went home I've just been sitting with the computer and mixing this video for the end of elementary school. For the three last grades in photos with my class with music in a video! I think it's going to be great!

I also checked my flagcounter, and I just have to say that I love you guys so much!
Now I've got the English flag and the... Egypt flag? omg, that's so cool!

I have to sleep now. I'll put up something extra for you guys tomorrow! G'night! xxx

Sunday 22nd - tired and stressed

Ever since last night I've been stressed. I actually don't know why. But I guess it's the application for High School I will do tomorrow. I think I'm pretty sure about what to choose, and I think I will work out somehow. Then I'm tired 'cause of my period. I feel sick and my stomach hurts really bad when I'm in the period, so I didn't sleep that well last night.

Now I'm in bed writing what to do this week, what to do this year and what to complete at the computer. For example. make the video for my class, choose three photos for the schooltest, write more in my novels and so on. I need to go look after a trip I will do the Summer 2013. I will go to England on a "Language Trip". I want to learn more English, Britain English and meet some more international people who also wants to study more English! Hell yeah!

Now I'm kinda busy, but if I have nore time, I'll probably put up something more for you guys!

Leave a comment! xx

Saturday 21st - nothing to do

Well, tonight didn't went as I expected it to go. I thought that I was going to watch a movie at my friend's house. But she was going to go to her cousins. Well, what am I doing tonight then? I don't know.
I'm in the fucking blood period right now. And I just have to say that I'm in real fucking pain. But I took some pills, an now it's better. So now I'm chillin' with my computer, a hot chocolate and some Paramore.

The "Doors open"-day today in Stockholm was really great. The school was big and beautiful, nice people and very much to do. But I realized that Kulturama is my second choice. Kungstensgymnasiet is my first choice. And I also have thought about the musical-studying too, so, I guess that my third choice is Kulturama's Musical or Kunskapsgymnasiet's Economic/Justice.

So, okey, I'll put up something more for you guys later! xxx LEAVE A COMMENT!

Saturday 21st - "doors open"

Hey everybody! This is a quick post about what my Saturday will look like. At 08:50 AM I'm going to Stockholm, Sweden, 'cause of my trip to a high school I want to visit at their "doors open-day". I think I want to study there for the following three years. Of you guys who is Swedish, and for you who isn't and want to know what kind of school it is. It's KULTURAMA, a esthetic school. And I want to study photograpy. So I hope I'll be accepted and can move to Stockholm, alone, in a half year.

I'll be home at 04:00 PM, I think. And I'm just going home, tweet a bit and post something short for you. Maybe at the school or something. Then a bit later I'm going to my friend Josefine's house. We're going to watch a movie. eat some snacks, and I'll sleep at her house, so I won't come home and post anything for you. But at Sunday, be sure I will!

Well, I have to go now. My dad is here. See ya'all and take care! xxx

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