Friday 30th - tumblr !!!

I know I've been bad at updating my blog, but I had a lot of tests and other things in school. And if I blog now, it won't be good at all. But all I want to say for now is that I've got TUMBLR.

If you want to follow me, well here's the URL:


And maybe I'll be uploading and reblogging more stuff there than here, but okay, I will be better on blog- updating, I swear. On Sunday I promise I will put up something for you!


some die young - laleh

bad update

sry for being so bad at updating my blog. haha, I've been sick for two weeks now. And the photo-thiny went to hell, sry :') But hopefully I'll be back on track soon! ;D

3rd day of Photo-A-Day-challenge

I fucking adore this lovely girl, you have no idea.

photo by: me

2nd day of Photo-A-Day-challenge

*a sandwich (without butter) with ham
*Cheerios with milk

This was my breakfast this morning. What do you all eat for breakfast?

7th Mars - Mä Mä Mä Mange

a little bit of info...

The 2nd day of the Photo-A-Day-challenge was to take a pic of my breakfast, but to be honest, I didn't ate a breakfast at all this morning... But I'm going to take that tomorrow, 'cause I'm free from school tomorrow, so I can just chill untill I wake up and just make a frikking nice breakfast. Ah. I want that breakfast now...

1st day of Photo-A-Day-challenge

I share that for you...

5th Mars - WHYYY

Why do I suck at updating my blog? Who knows...

Well, to keep this up again I've decided to make a Photo-A-Day challenge! Ans this one will be under the cathegory "Photos"!

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