Tuesday 31st - jag saknar dig (I miss you)

I'm watching the Swedish movie Jag saknar dig (what means I miss You in Swedish) and I have to say that the movie was better than I expected it to be, but hm, it isn't that good. I've seen better. But if you want a movie about love between two twinsisters and a lot of sorrow.
These two twinsisters is different and love eachother more than anything. But when one of them dies, the other one needs to go throught her life by herself...

I watch it now, and now I'm crying, so if you can get the movie with English subtitles. Watch it!

If you can't find it, watch it on Swedish, I'm sure you can understand the feeling and everything.
I find Swedish pretty beautiful though.

Monday 30th - all I wanted, and had, disappeared

That's it. I'm very sad right now.
This is a shitty thing, but I've been more and more sensitive in the later days. So when I cry, I can't stop, and I most often pass out or just gone sleeping in a weird way. I don't want to be like this. I wished I could be more fun to read about right now. But I really don't feel about that. Maybe I'll try to make something fun for you, but even that is hard. 'Cause our computer is broken and I have to blog on my sister's. And mostly she use her computer by herself. So...

I hope you all feel great. xxx


jes, you read right. The Saxobitches is on the way to start recording videos!
This is our new icon! You like it? Yes? No?
(As long as this far, I haven't got any comments anywhere on the blog, hahaha..........)

(well, I'm in the right picture and my lovely friend is in the left <3)

awkward meme.

who's this mysterious girl?

since when did you...

...talk to me?
Well, now I just made a new icon in the meny! Contact me directly and get answer very fast on:

That was my commercial, here comes my post!


oh, shit, I love meme's. hahahahahahhahaha!

I think I'll talk to my friend Elin (@ElINPelINFIVER on twitter) 'bout starting the Youtube Channel, so maybe, I'll record something for you guys tomorrow! If I am, you probably won't miss me. Hehe...


g'night'ya'all! xxx

Thursday 26th - 2nd world war lecture!

Today have been a kinda diffrent schoolday, but the only thing who is kinda intrestering is that I've been on a lecture, and listend to a man, named Emerich Roth from Hungary, who - in the Second World War - sat in a concentration camp and survived. I really thinks he's a hero for the future, he can tell the truth and spread this so it won't happen again! It was very interesting. Even though the lecture was way to long.

As I mentioned (I think) I'm making a video right now. I (think I) said that I would put up some pictures for you, but I donno if the people on the pictures want me to do that, so all I can give you is this:


Tuesday 24th - stress, stress and making vids'!

Yes, as the title says; I've been stressed lately.
My money ran out of the phone and I haven't got any money until now, so, yes, I'm back on twitter! @itsEveliners, but you guys already knew that! Haha, of course!
Well, forget about yesterday and yeah, TODAY I've been to school for a long time. I just wanted to go home, I don't know why. I just wanted to. But I didn't! So after that I went down to the supermarket and bought some biscuits and marshmallows with my friend Tomas! We went home to me and drank hot chocolate and ate nougat biscuits. It was very nice, and at the same town he showed his giant building on Minecraft. I'm impressed even tough I don't like Minecraft that much.
When he went home I've just been sitting with the computer and mixing this video for the end of elementary school. For the three last grades in photos with my class with music in a video! I think it's going to be great!

I also checked my flagcounter, and I just have to say that I love you guys so much!
Now I've got the English flag and the... Egypt flag? omg, that's so cool!

I have to sleep now. I'll put up something extra for you guys tomorrow! G'night! xxx

Sunday 22nd - tired and stressed

Ever since last night I've been stressed. I actually don't know why. But I guess it's the application for High School I will do tomorrow. I think I'm pretty sure about what to choose, and I think I will work out somehow. Then I'm tired 'cause of my period. I feel sick and my stomach hurts really bad when I'm in the period, so I didn't sleep that well last night.

Now I'm in bed writing what to do this week, what to do this year and what to complete at the computer. For example. make the video for my class, choose three photos for the schooltest, write more in my novels and so on. I need to go look after a trip I will do the Summer 2013. I will go to England on a "Language Trip". I want to learn more English, Britain English and meet some more international people who also wants to study more English! Hell yeah!

Now I'm kinda busy, but if I have nore time, I'll probably put up something more for you guys!

Leave a comment! xx

Saturday 21st - nothing to do

Well, tonight didn't went as I expected it to go. I thought that I was going to watch a movie at my friend's house. But she was going to go to her cousins. Well, what am I doing tonight then? I don't know.
I'm in the fucking blood period right now. And I just have to say that I'm in real fucking pain. But I took some pills, an now it's better. So now I'm chillin' with my computer, a hot chocolate and some Paramore.

The "Doors open"-day today in Stockholm was really great. The school was big and beautiful, nice people and very much to do. But I realized that Kulturama is my second choice. Kungstensgymnasiet is my first choice. And I also have thought about the musical-studying too, so, I guess that my third choice is Kulturama's Musical or Kunskapsgymnasiet's Economic/Justice.

So, okey, I'll put up something more for you guys later! xxx LEAVE A COMMENT!

Saturday 21st - "doors open"

Hey everybody! This is a quick post about what my Saturday will look like. At 08:50 AM I'm going to Stockholm, Sweden, 'cause of my trip to a high school I want to visit at their "doors open-day". I think I want to study there for the following three years. Of you guys who is Swedish, and for you who isn't and want to know what kind of school it is. It's KULTURAMA, a esthetic school. And I want to study photograpy. So I hope I'll be accepted and can move to Stockholm, alone, in a half year.

I'll be home at 04:00 PM, I think. And I'm just going home, tweet a bit and post something short for you. Maybe at the school or something. Then a bit later I'm going to my friend Josefine's house. We're going to watch a movie. eat some snacks, and I'll sleep at her house, so I won't come home and post anything for you. But at Sunday, be sure I will!

Well, I have to go now. My dad is here. See ya'all and take care! xxx

100 things I hate... (1 - 20)

  1. Stupid mottos.
  2. Beliebers ( - my friend Johanna. )
  3. Racism.
  4. Grammar.
  5. People who look over your shoulder when you text on the phone.
  6. Math.
  7. People who think that they're the queen over everyone.
  8. Disogranization.
  9. Scary noises in the house while you're finally alone.'
  10. Melons.
  11. Really stupid animated series for children.
  12. When people complain about everything I do.
  13. Screaming and crying from kids.
  14. PMS.
  15. People who complains about their life every ten minute on facebook.
  16. Evil bussdrivers.
  17. People who take snuff.
  18. People who act like they were older than they atcually are.
  19. Nearly all animals.
  20. Stress.

see ya! xxx


let's do a try of putting up this pictures on an other computer! (:

~green Macaroons with a sweet taste of vanilla~

~chocolatecupcakes with chotolatefudge frosting, marshmallows and chocolate candy~

Okey, it worked! Now you've seen what I've done this week. Be prepared to that I'm going to do macaroons again! And manage for real! These one were... yeah, not that I wanted them to be, but it's just the third time I do it, so I'm gonna try again! Hope you like the pictures!

Leave a comment about what I should bake next!
A link to the cookie/cupcake/whatever would help too!

"My First Hardcore Song" by Juliet

I was at Jona Weinhofen's (guitarplayer from Bring Me The Horizon) tumblr and noticed that the reblogged this cute video of an adorable little girl who really loves hardcore music, so she done one by herself, singing and screaming. And she's so cute, the song is really good atcually and it just made me smile every time she do those Hardcore-faces! Watch the clip down below and you'll see what I mean!

music is the best way to close out the world

Here's the playlist that I promised!

One ~ Swedish House Mafia
(search for "One (Your Name)" to listen to the lyrics in this great song!)

Free Fallin' - John Mayer (LIVE at the Nokia Theatre)
(Beautiful, beautiful guitar playing for the sexy voice of John!)

Secrets - One Republic
(2009 was one of the best music-years ever. Like this song and "All The Right Moves"!)

Från och med Du - Oskar Linnros
(Seriously, give this Swedish guy a chance. His voice is amazing and even though some of you can't understand a shit, well, you don't need to understand a song if it's good. And there's something called Google Translate if you want to know what the lyrics is about!)

The Only Exception - Paramore
(What can I say? I love Paramore.)

Monster - Itchy Daze
(I don't even know how i found this song, but I love it so much!)

Yep, that's it! Hope y'all like it!

Thursday 19th - I love lists!

Latest days I've been very into lists and in the following future. I'm going to do tree lists:
* 100 things I hate - list
* 100 things I love - list
* 100 things I want to do before I die - list
What about that? I'm going to post the lists here too, but maybe I'll keep the third list personal. But I'm starting to do the "100 things I hate" list and I'm also going to post twenty of them each day. If I've got that much written down in my book. I am the typical one that come up with some good things to write down, but when I'm going to write it down, I've already forgot it. Sign, I hate that. I need to get a better memory.

While I'm typing down the list in a new post,
I'll give you some advice of good music to listen to while writing.

Wednesday 18th - Need to get to sleep earlier...

Okei, I read my last post, and now I'm updating.
Yes, my Macaroons is done! They went green with a taste of vanilla. I liked them, even though I failed a bit about  they're looking. As usual I read the recipie a five million times but do wrong. I don't even know anymore. But they tasted good and my family liked them a lot!

I'm so tired right now, I'm not kidding so. I'll put up some picturees for you tomorrow! See ya!


Wednesday 18th - try-that-day on high school

Hi there! It's soon 12 AM (you say AM, right? No.) I mean PM... or, yeah, it's in the middle of the day and I'm home for lunch. YES, IT'S LUNCHTIME. That means noodles for me. For you who wonders, yeah, we get food in school, but it sucks so I eat at home sometimes.
Yes, I've heard that I should be thankful of the food we gets in school, 'cause there's people who goes days without food. But I'm not them, I'm sorry if that sounds mean. But I've grown up in Sweden and I can only fight for Sweden to be better. I'm young and my voice isn't coming up that much in the grown-ups discussions about saving the world from starving. And right now, I'm fighting for children to get "eatable" food in Swedish schools. So. Don't judge me of sounding mean. I can't give everyone in the whole world food. I wish I could.

Well, eating my noodles didn't went that well, so I'll be gone soon, and for the discussion  put up in this post. I'm also posting a matching song and a nice little picture of me. See ya and take care!

Tuesday 17th - macaroons & sleepy mood

Hello boys and girls.
I'm so tired today. Haven't slept that well last night, and the thing is that the clock is 3 AM (yes, I know it's Wednsday, but whatever, I haven't slept yet.) and I'm going to get up in about three hours to visit a school which I really don't want to visit. I don't want to go in high school in this shitty town. I don't get why all the teachers thinks our town is something special. It's not.

Yeah, and in today's chemistryclass we watches a 15 minutes long little movie, and after that we could go. But guess what? I slept on the bench, I fall asleep. And noone noticed. Everyone just thought that I was sick fo the chemistry. Shit, I wished the sleep was longer than it feels like (five minutes)

After school I went home, doing nothing and then I started to make Macaroons. But the fact is, they're not ready yet. So we'll see how they look like after school tomorrow. Hopefully I can make something good of everything. I'm too tired and too "not-in-mood" to bake.

Oh, shit, now I can see that my English really sucks. I can't even spell Wesndnsda, whatever.
I need the sleep. Good Night/Morning!

Monday 16th - dentist and cupcakes!

Hey! Today I've been shopping all day. I went from school a bit earlier to get to the buss in to the city, and there I went to the dentist to switch wire in my braces. Now I'm in pain, just sayin'.
I said I wasted a lot of money on shopping also, and after the dentist I deserved McDonalds (hehe) and then I went to Monki to buy a pair of black jeans. I'm very satisfied. Then I bought a parit of black Stay-ups and a flower-kimono. I love my new clothes!

When I came home I baked chocolatecupcakes with chocolatefudgefrosting and marhmallows and chocolate sweets. They went very sweet, but they looked very cute. If it would work, I'd put up some pictures for you ... NOW!

there's my hot chocolate with marshmallows, and that was the only picture my computer wanted to upload tonight, hopefully I'll make a photoshoot of this weekend when I get my REAL computer back. Be sure I'll blog more about my day tomorrow.
Take care you sweet cupcakes! ♥

Sunday 15th - Taco and cleaning.

Today has been quite chill actually. I woke up 1 PM, and that was really nice. Still, I'm tired. But today, I've been cleaning my room in a very long time, because I took long breaks of talking with my Croatian friend on skype. We had a really great time, even though my parents didn't like that I didn't clean my room. But, now I'm ready and it's hours left of the day.

While I was cleaning I found my boots I've been searching for since October. I was really mad and my plan of the autumn/winter was to use the shoes. But now, when it's soon February, I found the shoes. Sigh. I nearly thought that I throw them away. And I'm pissed off of my parents putting my shoes in the basement without saying anything to me. I had a lot of outfits when those boots had been perfect. Sigh sigh.

Now I'm role-playing and tweeting, listening to dubstep and starting to get hungry. Soon I will go down for some taco, and then get home to my mum. Take some pictures at my hair, hehehehehhe, and yeah, see what happens tonight. I think I'll chill and maybe bake something. But first I need to go shop some ingredients for the baking. Maybe I'll put up some pictures for you guys tonight.

See ya!

Saturday 14th - Nighthumor is the best humor!

I love the sense of humor everybody have in the night when you are tired even though you doesn't feel tired at all. I want to put in some funny pictures I found on twitter and weheartit.com. Believe me, I think this is funny 3PM in the day too. My humor is very big.

Oh, David, I love you just the way you are...♥


do-do-do-dooo, do-do-do-do-do... yeah, agree! (Y)

2B or not 2B ?

(yeah, I know the letter and the number is placed wrong, but you get it. Don't you? if not, why did you think:
"oh, she put the numeber and letter wrong, lol" Yeah, take that! *trolololololo*)

Saturday 14th - Everybody loves pizza!

Hey there mates!
I'll start this post with my title: pizza! Seriously, everybody make their own pizza and eat today. It's frikkin' pizza-Saturday! My friend Jeffa ate pizza, my parents went away for like an half hour ago to thier friends and they're going to eat pizza too. And how about me? Yea, I found some pizza in the freezer, and yeah, I am going to eat that!

What else can I say of today? I've been stuck with my computer and Jeffa all day watched some meme's and other popular stuff. I'll put in the favourite video from youtube in this post!

So, I dyed my hair with my father's wife. Red. Now I can finally love my hair again! I would put up a picture for you, but I forgot my camera at my mum's house. Stupid me. I took a picture with my webcam instead. But much of the colour dissapeard though...

Tonight - changed plans.
* Having a cake with Jeffa in a couple of minutes.
* Watching the Anastasia-movie tonight.
* Chillin' in my sofa!

Yea, keep calm and keep lazy!

See ya!

Friday 13th - no bad luck!

I know I should put up some kind of presentation of myself, 'bout who I am, what am I doing here and so on. And I will do it. In the future. I promise. Now, I will just give you guys a short little introducing from me.
"Hey there! I'm Eveliners, 16 years old and live in Sweden." More difficult than that isn't it. And now when you all know that I'm from Sweden, you also know that my English sucks really hard. Be nice... Thanks!

What I was going to blog about was that today is it Friday 13th, the bad luck day. But today was a very good day. First I was invited to this party, but I didn't feel that great and stayed at home. My dear friend Jeffa came over and we watched the movie "Just Go With It" and laugh a lot at all random things we say all the time. (Mostly about how awkward our laughs is...) Anyway, I had a really great time! The best of very long time, and I will see her tomorrow too! This all means that I didn't have any bad luck at all this Friday 13th. Maybe I ain't that superstitious any longer?
Now when I think about it, I think I still am.

Now it's frikkin' 01:00 AM the 14th of January, so I will tweet a little (@itsEveliners) and then go to sleep.

Tomorrow's plans:
* Text my mum about the Drop Dead-Tshirt.
* Call my High School Guide to see if she can help me.
* See the movie "Into The Wild".
* Clean my room.
* Sleep long as fucking hell.


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