Sunday 19th - Photoshoot!!!

Today I was at a studio. And for once it wasn't me that was behind the camera. I was the model. I find it very fun, but I imagine myself more goodlooking than the pictures show. But this photographer was amazing. She thought of eveything and she had a special energy that I've never seen before. She told me that she was stressed, but I really didn't find her stressed at all.

Before it was my time to shine (haha) I got a male make-up-artist who styled my face. And he was so nice to me! We talked and I swear I've never got a make-up which wasn't that good as he made it! Thanks a lot!

Well. I'd love to show you a couple of pictures, but my mother have all pictures on a CD. I'm sure she'll put up them on facebook. So. I can copy them and show here later.

I'll put up something for you tonight. And maybe the video is soon ready! Pay attention!


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