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Wednesday 1st - home

I didn't feel that great today, so I was home and kinda slept until 1 PM, but that was nice and I feel better now after some medicine, sleep and music. Today I haven't anything special to blog about, so I'm goingto put up some of the music I've listened to this day. Enjoy!

DJ earworm - Like OMG, baby

Bit My Tounge - You Me At Six feat. Oliver Sykes

Monster - Paramore

Pray for Plauges - Bring Me The Horizon

Resten av ditt liv - Timbuktu

Mr. Big Shot - Anarbor

The Scientist - Coldplay

Everything - Michael Bublé

"My First Hardcore Song" by Juliet

I was at Jona Weinhofen's (guitarplayer from Bring Me The Horizon) tumblr and noticed that the reblogged this cute video of an adorable little girl who really loves hardcore music, so she done one by herself, singing and screaming. And she's so cute, the song is really good atcually and it just made me smile every time she do those Hardcore-faces! Watch the clip down below and you'll see what I mean!

music is the best way to close out the world

Here's the playlist that I promised!

One ~ Swedish House Mafia
(search for "One (Your Name)" to listen to the lyrics in this great song!)

Free Fallin' - John Mayer (LIVE at the Nokia Theatre)
(Beautiful, beautiful guitar playing for the sexy voice of John!)

Secrets - One Republic
(2009 was one of the best music-years ever. Like this song and "All The Right Moves"!)

Från och med Du - Oskar Linnros
(Seriously, give this Swedish guy a chance. His voice is amazing and even though some of you can't understand a shit, well, you don't need to understand a song if it's good. And there's something called Google Translate if you want to know what the lyrics is about!)

The Only Exception - Paramore
(What can I say? I love Paramore.)

Monster - Itchy Daze
(I don't even know how i found this song, but I love it so much!)

Yep, that's it! Hope y'all like it!

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