Monday 20th - PROUD!!!

I really can't tell you how impressed I am! I'm so proud of my visitors! And those who chocked me the most was the flags from Estonia, Armenia, Ukrain and Greece. Whoever these four people are. I adore them so much. And also all my other visitors. I decided to wrote someting about every flag!

Sweden - Can't tell. I live there.

Norway - Oh, yes, some of the most beautiful men was born there. And they're good at skiing. Norway is a beautiful country. I want to visit it again. Sweden is beside so?

England - omg, where to start? England is perfect in all ways and I want to make beautiful friends and drive England/Britain all around!

Croatia - I totally got wrong seight of the country from the start. Some of the world's nicest persons live in Croatia, I'd love to visit it some time!

USA - It's big and beautiful. But if I'm going to the USA I want to visit New York, San Francisco and L.A Then I want to go to the smaller states of America! I wish I could see it all.


Estonia - I watched a scary movie about a crazy girl who killed from Estonia, not good! But the people in Estonia is always more beautiful than us Swedes. ( I promise, there's not a lot of blond, long, thin, blueeyed girls here. )

Spain - Hallos. Hola. I want a spanish friend who can tell about the lovely landscape!

Russa - Can't tell that much. I just love russia and the russian language. I actually practise it by myself at home!

Armenia - The most beautiful flag here. #justsaying (Imma tweet that now...)

Egypt - I've always dreamt about the deserts and pyramids. Are they for real? Watch out, Egypt, here I come.

Ukrain - Great singers, great singers!!



I got two new flags while typing this post!!! You all deserve a big hug from me!

France - France is the country of my life. I wish I had a best friend in France who I can visit and write letters to, just as you did when you were younger and had a letterfriend in an other country. And all the food-artists who invented all the french delicacies. Oh, France, I love you.

Belgium - Belgium is such a interestin country! I wished I learned more about them in school! It such a cool sectioning of the country and also they have a wonderful capital and wonderful beaches!


Write about what you think about my post, or just comment a little hello to me! :)

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