Wednesday 18th - try-that-day on high school

Hi there! It's soon 12 AM (you say AM, right? No.) I mean PM... or, yeah, it's in the middle of the day and I'm home for lunch. YES, IT'S LUNCHTIME. That means noodles for me. For you who wonders, yeah, we get food in school, but it sucks so I eat at home sometimes.
Yes, I've heard that I should be thankful of the food we gets in school, 'cause there's people who goes days without food. But I'm not them, I'm sorry if that sounds mean. But I've grown up in Sweden and I can only fight for Sweden to be better. I'm young and my voice isn't coming up that much in the grown-ups discussions about saving the world from starving. And right now, I'm fighting for children to get "eatable" food in Swedish schools. So. Don't judge me of sounding mean. I can't give everyone in the whole world food. I wish I could.

Well, eating my noodles didn't went that well, so I'll be gone soon, and for the discussion  put up in this post. I'm also posting a matching song and a nice little picture of me. See ya and take care!


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