Tuesday 24th - stress, stress and making vids'!

Yes, as the title says; I've been stressed lately.
My money ran out of the phone and I haven't got any money until now, so, yes, I'm back on twitter! @itsEveliners, but you guys already knew that! Haha, of course!
Well, forget about yesterday and yeah, TODAY I've been to school for a long time. I just wanted to go home, I don't know why. I just wanted to. But I didn't! So after that I went down to the supermarket and bought some biscuits and marshmallows with my friend Tomas! We went home to me and drank hot chocolate and ate nougat biscuits. It was very nice, and at the same town he showed his giant building on Minecraft. I'm impressed even tough I don't like Minecraft that much.
When he went home I've just been sitting with the computer and mixing this video for the end of elementary school. For the three last grades in photos with my class with music in a video! I think it's going to be great!

I also checked my flagcounter, and I just have to say that I love you guys so much!
Now I've got the English flag and the... Egypt flag? omg, that's so cool!

I have to sleep now. I'll put up something extra for you guys tomorrow! G'night! xxx


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