Tuesday 17th - macaroons & sleepy mood

Hello boys and girls.
I'm so tired today. Haven't slept that well last night, and the thing is that the clock is 3 AM (yes, I know it's Wednsday, but whatever, I haven't slept yet.) and I'm going to get up in about three hours to visit a school which I really don't want to visit. I don't want to go in high school in this shitty town. I don't get why all the teachers thinks our town is something special. It's not.

Yeah, and in today's chemistryclass we watches a 15 minutes long little movie, and after that we could go. But guess what? I slept on the bench, I fall asleep. And noone noticed. Everyone just thought that I was sick fo the chemistry. Shit, I wished the sleep was longer than it feels like (five minutes)

After school I went home, doing nothing and then I started to make Macaroons. But the fact is, they're not ready yet. So we'll see how they look like after school tomorrow. Hopefully I can make something good of everything. I'm too tired and too "not-in-mood" to bake.

Oh, shit, now I can see that my English really sucks. I can't even spell Wesndnsda, whatever.
I need the sleep. Good Night/Morning!


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