Thursday 19th - I love lists!

Latest days I've been very into lists and in the following future. I'm going to do tree lists:
* 100 things I hate - list
* 100 things I love - list
* 100 things I want to do before I die - list
What about that? I'm going to post the lists here too, but maybe I'll keep the third list personal. But I'm starting to do the "100 things I hate" list and I'm also going to post twenty of them each day. If I've got that much written down in my book. I am the typical one that come up with some good things to write down, but when I'm going to write it down, I've already forgot it. Sign, I hate that. I need to get a better memory.

While I'm typing down the list in a new post,
I'll give you some advice of good music to listen to while writing.


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