Sunday 22nd - tired and stressed

Ever since last night I've been stressed. I actually don't know why. But I guess it's the application for High School I will do tomorrow. I think I'm pretty sure about what to choose, and I think I will work out somehow. Then I'm tired 'cause of my period. I feel sick and my stomach hurts really bad when I'm in the period, so I didn't sleep that well last night.

Now I'm in bed writing what to do this week, what to do this year and what to complete at the computer. For example. make the video for my class, choose three photos for the schooltest, write more in my novels and so on. I need to go look after a trip I will do the Summer 2013. I will go to England on a "Language Trip". I want to learn more English, Britain English and meet some more international people who also wants to study more English! Hell yeah!

Now I'm kinda busy, but if I have nore time, I'll probably put up something more for you guys!

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