Sunday 15th - Taco and cleaning.

Today has been quite chill actually. I woke up 1 PM, and that was really nice. Still, I'm tired. But today, I've been cleaning my room in a very long time, because I took long breaks of talking with my Croatian friend on skype. We had a really great time, even though my parents didn't like that I didn't clean my room. But, now I'm ready and it's hours left of the day.

While I was cleaning I found my boots I've been searching for since October. I was really mad and my plan of the autumn/winter was to use the shoes. But now, when it's soon February, I found the shoes. Sigh. I nearly thought that I throw them away. And I'm pissed off of my parents putting my shoes in the basement without saying anything to me. I had a lot of outfits when those boots had been perfect. Sigh sigh.

Now I'm role-playing and tweeting, listening to dubstep and starting to get hungry. Soon I will go down for some taco, and then get home to my mum. Take some pictures at my hair, hehehehehhe, and yeah, see what happens tonight. I think I'll chill and maybe bake something. But first I need to go shop some ingredients for the baking. Maybe I'll put up some pictures for you guys tonight.

See ya!


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