Saturday 21st - nothing to do

Well, tonight didn't went as I expected it to go. I thought that I was going to watch a movie at my friend's house. But she was going to go to her cousins. Well, what am I doing tonight then? I don't know.
I'm in the fucking blood period right now. And I just have to say that I'm in real fucking pain. But I took some pills, an now it's better. So now I'm chillin' with my computer, a hot chocolate and some Paramore.

The "Doors open"-day today in Stockholm was really great. The school was big and beautiful, nice people and very much to do. But I realized that Kulturama is my second choice. Kungstensgymnasiet is my first choice. And I also have thought about the musical-studying too, so, I guess that my third choice is Kulturama's Musical or Kunskapsgymnasiet's Economic/Justice.

So, okey, I'll put up something more for you guys later! xxx LEAVE A COMMENT!


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