Saturday 21st - "doors open"

Hey everybody! This is a quick post about what my Saturday will look like. At 08:50 AM I'm going to Stockholm, Sweden, 'cause of my trip to a high school I want to visit at their "doors open-day". I think I want to study there for the following three years. Of you guys who is Swedish, and for you who isn't and want to know what kind of school it is. It's KULTURAMA, a esthetic school. And I want to study photograpy. So I hope I'll be accepted and can move to Stockholm, alone, in a half year.

I'll be home at 04:00 PM, I think. And I'm just going home, tweet a bit and post something short for you. Maybe at the school or something. Then a bit later I'm going to my friend Josefine's house. We're going to watch a movie. eat some snacks, and I'll sleep at her house, so I won't come home and post anything for you. But at Sunday, be sure I will!

Well, I have to go now. My dad is here. See ya'all and take care! xxx


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