Saturday 14th - Everybody loves pizza!

Hey there mates!
I'll start this post with my title: pizza! Seriously, everybody make their own pizza and eat today. It's frikkin' pizza-Saturday! My friend Jeffa ate pizza, my parents went away for like an half hour ago to thier friends and they're going to eat pizza too. And how about me? Yea, I found some pizza in the freezer, and yeah, I am going to eat that!

What else can I say of today? I've been stuck with my computer and Jeffa all day watched some meme's and other popular stuff. I'll put in the favourite video from youtube in this post!

So, I dyed my hair with my father's wife. Red. Now I can finally love my hair again! I would put up a picture for you, but I forgot my camera at my mum's house. Stupid me. I took a picture with my webcam instead. But much of the colour dissapeard though...

Tonight - changed plans.
* Having a cake with Jeffa in a couple of minutes.
* Watching the Anastasia-movie tonight.
* Chillin' in my sofa!

Yea, keep calm and keep lazy!

See ya!


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