music is the best way to close out the world

Here's the playlist that I promised!

One ~ Swedish House Mafia
(search for "One (Your Name)" to listen to the lyrics in this great song!)

Free Fallin' - John Mayer (LIVE at the Nokia Theatre)
(Beautiful, beautiful guitar playing for the sexy voice of John!)

Secrets - One Republic
(2009 was one of the best music-years ever. Like this song and "All The Right Moves"!)

Från och med Du - Oskar Linnros
(Seriously, give this Swedish guy a chance. His voice is amazing and even though some of you can't understand a shit, well, you don't need to understand a song if it's good. And there's something called Google Translate if you want to know what the lyrics is about!)

The Only Exception - Paramore
(What can I say? I love Paramore.)

Monster - Itchy Daze
(I don't even know how i found this song, but I love it so much!)

Yep, that's it! Hope y'all like it!


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