Monday 16th - dentist and cupcakes!

Hey! Today I've been shopping all day. I went from school a bit earlier to get to the buss in to the city, and there I went to the dentist to switch wire in my braces. Now I'm in pain, just sayin'.
I said I wasted a lot of money on shopping also, and after the dentist I deserved McDonalds (hehe) and then I went to Monki to buy a pair of black jeans. I'm very satisfied. Then I bought a parit of black Stay-ups and a flower-kimono. I love my new clothes!

When I came home I baked chocolatecupcakes with chocolatefudgefrosting and marhmallows and chocolate sweets. They went very sweet, but they looked very cute. If it would work, I'd put up some pictures for you ... NOW!

there's my hot chocolate with marshmallows, and that was the only picture my computer wanted to upload tonight, hopefully I'll make a photoshoot of this weekend when I get my REAL computer back. Be sure I'll blog more about my day tomorrow.
Take care you sweet cupcakes! ♥


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