Friday 13th - no bad luck!

I know I should put up some kind of presentation of myself, 'bout who I am, what am I doing here and so on. And I will do it. In the future. I promise. Now, I will just give you guys a short little introducing from me.
"Hey there! I'm Eveliners, 16 years old and live in Sweden." More difficult than that isn't it. And now when you all know that I'm from Sweden, you also know that my English sucks really hard. Be nice... Thanks!

What I was going to blog about was that today is it Friday 13th, the bad luck day. But today was a very good day. First I was invited to this party, but I didn't feel that great and stayed at home. My dear friend Jeffa came over and we watched the movie "Just Go With It" and laugh a lot at all random things we say all the time. (Mostly about how awkward our laughs is...) Anyway, I had a really great time! The best of very long time, and I will see her tomorrow too! This all means that I didn't have any bad luck at all this Friday 13th. Maybe I ain't that superstitious any longer?
Now when I think about it, I think I still am.

Now it's frikkin' 01:00 AM the 14th of January, so I will tweet a little (@itsEveliners) and then go to sleep.

Tomorrow's plans:
* Text my mum about the Drop Dead-Tshirt.
* Call my High School Guide to see if she can help me.
* See the movie "Into The Wild".
* Clean my room.
* Sleep long as fucking hell.



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