100 things I hate... (1 - 20)

  1. Stupid mottos.
  2. Beliebers ( - my friend Johanna. )
  3. Racism.
  4. Grammar.
  5. People who look over your shoulder when you text on the phone.
  6. Math.
  7. People who think that they're the queen over everyone.
  8. Disogranization.
  9. Scary noises in the house while you're finally alone.'
  10. Melons.
  11. Really stupid animated series for children.
  12. When people complain about everything I do.
  13. Screaming and crying from kids.
  14. PMS.
  15. People who complains about their life every ten minute on facebook.
  16. Evil bussdrivers.
  17. People who take snuff.
  18. People who act like they were older than they atcually are.
  19. Nearly all animals.
  20. Stress.

see ya! xxx


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