Monday 20th - PROUD!!!

I really can't tell you how impressed I am! I'm so proud of my visitors! And those who chocked me the most was the flags from Estonia, Armenia, Ukrain and Greece. Whoever these four people are. I adore them so much. And also all my other visitors. I decided to wrote someting about every flag!

Sweden - Can't tell. I live there.

Norway - Oh, yes, some of the most beautiful men was born there. And they're good at skiing. Norway is a beautiful country. I want to visit it again. Sweden is beside so?

England - omg, where to start? England is perfect in all ways and I want to make beautiful friends and drive England/Britain all around!

Croatia - I totally got wrong seight of the country from the start. Some of the world's nicest persons live in Croatia, I'd love to visit it some time!

USA - It's big and beautiful. But if I'm going to the USA I want to visit New York, San Francisco and L.A Then I want to go to the smaller states of America! I wish I could see it all.


Estonia - I watched a scary movie about a crazy girl who killed from Estonia, not good! But the people in Estonia is always more beautiful than us Swedes. ( I promise, there's not a lot of blond, long, thin, blueeyed girls here. )

Spain - Hallos. Hola. I want a spanish friend who can tell about the lovely landscape!

Russa - Can't tell that much. I just love russia and the russian language. I actually practise it by myself at home!

Armenia - The most beautiful flag here. #justsaying (Imma tweet that now...)

Egypt - I've always dreamt about the deserts and pyramids. Are they for real? Watch out, Egypt, here I come.

Ukrain - Great singers, great singers!!



I got two new flags while typing this post!!! You all deserve a big hug from me!

France - France is the country of my life. I wish I had a best friend in France who I can visit and write letters to, just as you did when you were younger and had a letterfriend in an other country. And all the food-artists who invented all the french delicacies. Oh, France, I love you.

Belgium - Belgium is such a interestin country! I wished I learned more about them in school! It such a cool sectioning of the country and also they have a wonderful capital and wonderful beaches!

100 things I love... (1-20)

1. Photography
2. Everything what includes Vintage
3. Music. (Like Paramore, Bring Me The Horizon, All Time Low, You Me At Six, Michael Bublé, Coldplay... Everything)
4. Traveling
5. Paris - Whole France
6. Languages
7. England
8. Ice-Cream
9. Parties
10. Family
11. Dophines
12. British guys
13. Skins - the TV series.
14. Future
16. Twitter
17. My friends - when they want to be with me
18. Green Apples, Pineapples and Grapes
19. Beach
20. Hayley Williams & Oliver Sykes


100 things I hate... (1 - 20)

  1. Stupid mottos.
  2. Beliebers ( - my friend Johanna. )
  3. Racism.
  4. Grammar.
  5. People who look over your shoulder when you text on the phone.
  6. Math.
  7. People who think that they're the queen over everyone.
  8. Disogranization.
  9. Scary noises in the house while you're finally alone.'
  10. Melons.
  11. Really stupid animated series for children.
  12. When people complain about everything I do.
  13. Screaming and crying from kids.
  14. PMS.
  15. People who complains about their life every ten minute on facebook.
  16. Evil bussdrivers.
  17. People who take snuff.
  18. People who act like they were older than they atcually are.
  19. Nearly all animals.
  20. Stress.

see ya! xxx

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