Sunday 5th - I'M PUMPED!

Yeeea! Just watched a livestrem from PEWDIEPIE. Seriously guys why haven't you watch Pewdiepie before? Well, some of you may have, and then I have to say: I'm proud of you being a true Bro!
But if you don't know who Pewdiepie is, I'm going to tell you.
Pewdiepie is a guy named Felix from Sweden who plays scary games just for having fun, getting heartattacks and scream as a little girl! That's the short description!
He plays Amesia, Ai oni, Prenumbra, Facade, Ju On The Grude, Calling, Afraid of Monsters, Nosferatu ect.
And here's a clip of his top scary and funny moments here:

And now, he's been nominated to King Of Web. And the winner of all nominateds get $ 7,500!!!
And Pewdipie - who is at second place right now - will give all the money to chairty! He will give all the money to WWF, to help animals around the world! For example, the tigers is dying more and more. Just saying!
And in this competition you can watch his video there he talks about the comepition and voting, and of course everyone can vote. And he's not far from getting to first place, so i suggest you guys to go on and VOTE!
KING OF WEB LINK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And here's the video


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