Monday 6th - first video!

Hello everybody! Today me and Elin made our first video to our Youtube-channel. And after a long time tried to fix the video, we both recognized that I sucked. So hopefully Elin's brother will help us and cut together the video for you guys! And be sure that we both is going to make some crazy videos for you in the future! It's just this video which is very difficult to do 'cause we're going to mix two videos together when we're not at the same place. Good for us that we have Jacob! (Elin's brother)

I can't really blog something bigger for you tonight. Because tomorrow I have a big exam which really means a lot to my grades. So I need to sleep soon and concentrate on this big exam. Tomorrow I will read and write in 1h and 20 minutes. And on Thursday I'm going to write in 3 hours!!! And also I need to go to the theather on Wednesday. Maybe I'll take a picture for you. But I know that my place is a long way from stage, so... Heh. Well, I do my best to skip work in school for making blog posts for you!

Bye-Bye :D


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